007)GOOUW: Changing Internet & Engineering(I)

GOOUW: Changing Internet & Engineering
How the Internet Will Change the World…for the Better
We view technology how it can help people.

From this perspective, there is no better time to be alive than now. That’s because we are entering an era where the Internet has the potential to improve the lives of everyone on our planet—from accelerating the discovery of cures for diseases, to understanding climate change, to enhancing the way companies do business, to making every day more enjoyable.

Already, the Internet has benefited many individuals, businesses, and countries allowing for economic growth through electronic commerce, and accelerating business innovation by enabling greater collaboration.

So what is changing Internet ?

we are just beginning to enter a new realm: ((Changing Internet & Engineering .))
Add people and information into the mix and you get a network of networks where billions of connections create unprecedented opportunities .

GOOUW defines (( Changing Internet & Engineering)) as bringing together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before—turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals, and countries.

Global Network:

As more things, people, and data become connected, the power of the Internet (essentially a network of networks) grows exponentially.

In essence, the power of the network is greater than the sum of its parts, making the (( ever-changing Internet )), incredibly powerful.

Given the tremendous anticipated growth of the Internet over the next years, it is critical for business and leaders, as well as citizens, to begin preparing for what is to come.



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